Welcome to this site for the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area & Foundation.

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The Foundation, in partnership with Howard County’s Recreation and Parks Department, helps to maintain and preserve the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area (MPEA) as a “forever protected” natural environmental area.

As you navigate this site, we hope you will learn about the history and composition of the MPEA, its importance in preserving species of flora and fauna in central Maryland, and what you can do to be a “good neighbor” to this important natural resource.

We invite you to visit the MPEA, located at 5795 Trotter Rd. Claksville, MD, to explore this beautiful, preserved natural area. Please browse our photos to see the beauty that the MPEA has to offer! And please come take a walk on one of the MPEA's trails!

If you are so inclined, we also invite you to donate your time or dollars to help maintain and preserve this resource.