There are 5 1/2 miles of hiking trails in the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area, which may be accessed on the area's western boundary.

The Wildlife Loop Trail (2.4 miles) may be accessed from the parking lot on Trotter Road.

The Southwind Trail (2.3 miles) may be accessed from Southwind Circle.

A 0.75-mile trail inside the park connects the trails.

Volunteers: Trail Maintenance Programs:
There are 5.4 miles of hiking trails in the MPEA. Volunteers are needed to assist with the maintenance of these primitive, foot-traffic only trails. Most of the trail work consists of pruning back vegetation that encroaches upon the trail system. The basis for all of our trail maintenance is found in our trail management protocol. Participants may choose to attend Group Work Sessions supervised by MPEA staff or attend mandatory training classes to become an Independent Trail Maintenance Volunteer.