Welcome to the "Your Backyard" segment of the MPEA website.  As a neighbor to the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area, you will have many opportunities to enjoy its peaceful trails and wildflowers, listen to the birdsong, spot one of its many inhabitants, or stand near the quiet flow of the Patuxent River.  These are the passive activities which can enrich our lives.

Howard County has produced a guide for how to manage your backyard to be "Bay Friendly." Please browse through the Backyard to Our bay PDF file to learn about best management practices in your backyard.

We also hope that we can encourage you to become an active neighbor to the MPEA.  This segment, "Your Backyard,"  will help you to investigate opportunities to become stewards of the rich environment in which you reside.  

Select any one of the categories in the drop down menu for helpful orientation to the topic and for links to sites that maintain current information.

Here's a Live Green, Howard County site that provides some background on watersheds,  rivers and streams.  Be sure to check out the segment in "Additional Links."