The Middle Patuxent Environmental Area (MPEA) is managed through a cooperative partnership between Howard County’s Department of Recreation and Parks (the owner of the MPEA) and the Middle Patuxent Environmental Foundation (MPEF).  Under this relationship, the MPEF provides partial funding for the maintenance of the MPEA and advises the county’s Natural Resource Manager on the protection, preservation, and maintenance of the MPEA.

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Cheryl Farfaras is the Natural Resources Manager for the MPEA with Howard County's Department of Recreation and Parks.  She earned her BS degree in Natural Resources Management: Plant & Wildlife Resources Management from The University of Maryland, College Park.  Cheryl has been working in the MPEA since the year after its inception.  She worked on the development and construction of the area’s trail system; development and implementation of natural resources inventory and monitoring programs; and implemented habitat management projects, including restoration of the woodcock habitat.


Jeff Claffy is the Assistant Natural Resources Manager for the MPEA.  He began his employment with the Natural Resources Division of Howard County's Department of Recreation and Parks in 2005.  Jeff has a BS in Biology which he received from Towson University, but he credits his previous volunteer management experience with helping him to land this position.  Lending a hand wherever it is needed, Jeff works on a variety of tasks including: volunteer administration, trail work, habitat manipulation, deer population management, environmental education, special projects, and routine maintenance.

Jeff also prepares a newsletter about the MPEA.  Links below to copies of his "Meanderings"  are in the "MPEA Newsletter" page under "News and Events".